Tips To Curling Your Hair With A Flat Iron happens sometimes. You are traveling for work and rushing from one location to another before you realize you left home without your curling iron. Relax! You can still achieve a curly hairstyle for any special event or meeting. Simply use your flat iron.

Even if you have a curling iron on hand, you can give your curls a new look by using your flat iron as a curling tool instead of as a straightener. Here is a brief tutorial on how to curl your hair with a flat iron.

Prep Your Hair

Use a good quality heat protectant before curling your hair. While you can still get beautiful curls using your flat iron without it, your hair stays healthier if you do. You will be using the flat iron at a very high temperature, so it is safer to apply heat protectant than to go without it.

How To Curl The Hair

Once you have applied the protectant, brush your hair so that the product is distributed evenly. Take your hair, and divide it into small one-inch sections. If you try to curl too much hair at once it can cause the curls to be unruly. However, if you are looking for loose waves, larger sections will work for you.

If your hair is very long, create a ponytail out of the top layers of your hair. Curling the hair beneath the surface is the best way to ensure the hair is curled consistently.

With the heated flat iron at a high setting, begin at the middle of the hair section and wrap it around the barrel. Then turn the flat iron around towards you. Draw it down until the hair left outside the barrel passes through and then release the handle.

Let the curled hair gently fall away from the tool. Repeat the process until all hair is curled, including the top layer you put up in a ponytail. Apply spray or gel if you wish.

Choose Your Curls

Besides learning the best way to curl your hair with a flat iron for times when you are without a proper curling iron, knowing how to do this helps you when you have both types of tools. You can get a much different type of curled style by using the flat iron versus the curling iron.

Your flat iron gives you larger curls than your curling iron can, depending upon its diameter. It is the ideal tool to choose when you want piecey, wavy curls or loose “beachy” waves. Using a flat iron to curl short hair allows you to achieve a trendy look with voluminous, but relaxed curls.

You can always get the curly hair you want when you are traveling and without a curling iron when you learn how to curl your hair with a flat iron. If you have a curling iron handy, remember that curling your hair with a flat iron allows more curl choices for you than your curling iron does.